Access to safe water program

This is to empower communities in the area of safe water. In wakiso district, over 80% of the population lack access to safe water. With the intervention of the access to safe water project,under LDCSN, many of these households have benefited from the programme. This has been through introduction of sustainable methods such as water treatment gadgets like the solvatten and water filters.

Education programs

Are intended for the Orphans and vulnerable children. Through LDCSN programmes, over 10 children have been supported, with the provision of scholastic materials as well as paying tuition fees for them.

Health literacy programs

LDCSN provides health literacy training to health workers at health facilities ,as well as patient safety campaigns. Patients are educated on their rights when they go to health facilities, as well as health workers on medication safety.

Youth livelihood programme

LDCSN provides youth empowerment through self sustaining means by equipping the youth with skills to innovate