Our approach

Local Development And Child Support Network (LDCSN) works with the established government structures to bring a service to the local communities. This includes working in hospital facilities to train health workers and patients on patient rights as well as conduct outreaches to train communities on the safety of water and hygiene in a home.

In Uganda, over 60 percent of the youth are unemployed among which most are un employable and this is reflected on the village level where by the youth in the remote areas don't even a have a chance to access education.

LDCHN / Local Development and Child Support Network has come up with solutions to reduce on the alarming unemployed youth in the local villages of Uganda and this is done through introduction of practical skills to the youth in the remote areas such as Computer studies, carpentry work, welding, hair dressing, building skills among others and we believe that in a few years this problem will be reduced at the lowest percentage possible.